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Tukar Shock Absorber - New Brand Pro-ride !!!

Tuesday, January 18, 20111comments

Shock Absorber (Pro-ride)

Kepada semua pelanggan,

Jika suspension system kenderaan anda sudah melebihi waktunya atau dah tukar lah cepat2 sebelum effect pada secondary defect suspension system yang lain....Absorber dan spring adalah salah satu component penting dalam sistem suspensi yang perlu anda jaga dan mestilah dalam keadaan baik...Proride ada produce absorber dan spring untuk kenderaan tempatan dan antarabangsa...


Hollogram Sticker

Warranty Card (within 6 months)

Assembled at our plant in Pandamaran, Klang, under the manufacturing unit of Sapura Automotive Industries S/B, the gas filled absorbers categorically fit all National cars, ie. Proton and Perodua and respectively come with a six month warranty period.
We also do customize fittings for Nissan and Honda cars.

Product features:
• Good Quality Japanese ‘NOK” oil seal
• Superior hard chrome-coated piston
• Gas pressured to prevent foaming
• Excellence self-lubricant to prolong the life time of the oil seal
• All weather fluid with PETRONAS- technology to prolong the shock life
• Stable consistent damping performance throughout the life of the shock.
Available Stock of Shock Absorber for car model as per below:

Absorber PERDANA S4/V6 - (Standard only)
Absorber WAJA / GEN2 - (Standard and performance)
Absorber WIRA / SATRIA 1.3 & 1.5 - (Standard and performance)
Absorber WIRA / PUTRA / SATRIA 1.6 & 1.8 - (Standard and performance)
Absorber SAGA / ISWARA - (Standard and performance)
Absorber NEW SAGA (BLM) / SAVVY - (Standard & Performance)
Absorber EXORA - (Standard and performance)
Absorber MYVI / VIVA - (Standard and performance)
Absorber ALZA - (Standard and performance)
Absorber KANCIL - (Standard and performance)
Absorber KELISA - (Standard and performance)
Absorber KENARI - (Standard and performance)
Absorber KEMBARA - (Standard only)
Absorber NAZA - CITRA - (Standard only)
Absorber TOYOTA - VIOS - (Standard only)

HURRY UP WHILE STOCK LAST!!!(Harga terus dari Kilang)
Please SMS or contact me @ 012-2807651 (Azrol -Sapura Industrial) for
the best price ever!!!!
or you can email me at or

Contoh model kereta Duta barangan Pro-ride (Tq pada owner Mr. Dali X-pro)
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September 19, 2011 at 5:03 PM

Ada khidmat pemasangan sekali ke syeikh? Kalu ada, nak tanya absorber utk iswara aerobak brp syeikh belah depan? Bg harga standard & perfomance skali ye? Kalu ada pemasangan, bagi harga siap pasang skali. Tq.

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